• Easy to use

    Transparent, easy to use service

  • Variable data

    Include variable data in SMSs

  • Unicode

    Supports Unicode

  • Worldwide access

    Send SMS to any country worldwide

  • Customisable Sender ID

    11-character alpha Sender ID

  • Insert URLs

    Include web links

  • Reporting

    In-depth reporting

  • Long numbers

    Support long numbers

Short Codes & Keywords

Short Codes can be used in a number of ways to help manage and control customer lists. Used frequently for marketing campaigns to gain subscriptions by asking customers, or prospective customers to opt in by texting a “KEYWORD” to “SHORT CODE” such as “Text DEAL to 84101”.

They are incredibly easy to use and are a powerful marketing tool that engages with customers and gives them, the ability to communicate directly with your company.

Short Codes can also be used to manage Opt-Outs, by being included in SMS messages to existing customers, for example “To stop receiving these messages, please reply STOP to 84101”. These responses are all collected, enabling easy opt out management.

Improve customer engagement by adding in auto replies when customer’s text a Short Code. These replies can be a simple “thank you”, weblinks that redirect customers to a specific site, or some further information about your company.

Branded Opt-Outs

We can provide Opt-Out facilities in two ways.

  1. SMS Short Codes (link to Short Codes page), can be embedded within the body of the SMS messages. For example, “To stop receiving these messages, please reply STOP to 84101”. These responses are all collected, enabling easy opt out management.
  1. Branded Opt-Out links. We can design your own branded Opt-Out landing page, as well as customise the content your customers see. These come in the form of a short link which can be added at the end of your SMS content. All Opt-Outs are collected and can be downloaded in a report straight from our web-based dashboard making Opt-Out management simple and effective.

Trackable Links

Have you ever sent an SMS campaign and wished you knew which customers clicked on your URL and were directed onto your website? With Dynamic Messaging’s Trackable Web links, you can. A unique short-link will be generated for each SMS sent within a campaign, meaning we can tell you exactly which customer clicked the link and when.

Reports can be downloaded directly from our web-based dashboard at the click of a button, making analysing your campaign success a breeze.

Auto Replies

Automatic responses can be a fantastic way of communicating with your customers, saving your staff time,  whilst letting our system do all the work for you. Automatically reply to customer SMS messages with attachments, links, vouchers and more.

Utilising auto replies can turn SMS messages from a simple communication medium, to a powerful, engaging,  and informative tool that saves your precious time for other more urgent tasks.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is a tried and tested effective mass communication tool that can be used across multiple industries, anywhere in the world.

Send thousands of messages in the blink of an eye and engage with your customers more effectively than via email. Communicating with your customers has never been easier. Send bulk SMS via our dashboard, API or even SFTP.

So, whether you are notifying a customer about a delivery, asking for customer feedback, or letting a customer know about a special offer, bulk SMS is guaranteed to help you achieve your goals.

Phone Number Verification

Now, more than ever having accurate customer data is imperative. Being able to contact your customers ensures business continuity, and it also minimises your risk of fraud.

We want to help you protect your database of customers by keeping it clean. The more verified data you have the more efficiently you will be able to communicate with them, and the more we can help you.

Having customers that are uncontactable due to bad data, will ultimately lead to a loss of opportunity and potentially a loss of revenue. This is why we recommend to all of our clients to implement a Phone Number Verification solution as soon as possible.

Appointment Reminders

Have you ever been frustrated by how many customers miss their appointments? No-shows can be one of the biggest ongoing costs to a business, creating frustration and inefficiencies. Using our SMS API, you can significantly reduce the chance of a customer missing their appointment.

Easily configure our API to send reminder SMS messages to customers at a pre-arranged time prior to their appointment. You can even include a reply option such as “reply YES to confirm, or NO to cancel”, meaning you gain greater control over your appointments by being assured that your customers will show up, or by being able to assign their appointment to another customer following a cancellation.

Reduce costs, save time and start focussing on those more important tasks. This solution is so simple, and yet so successful.

Send SMS Online

Our industry leading platform gives you the freedom to set up SMS campaigns of any size, straight from our web-based dashboard. No integration is required, so using our platform couldn’t be easier. We also offer SFTP and API integration if you want to automate your sends.

Setup campaigns in minutes by easily uploading csv files, securely. Just add the content of the message, type in your sender ID, choose when to send it and then sit back and relax and let us do the rest.

Easily download all your campaign reports straight from the dashboard, including any Trackable Link Reports, and Opt-Out Reports.

Everything is there for you on our dashboard, but just in case you get stuck or have any questions, a dedicated account manager will be on-hand to help.